Top 8 Benefits Of Network Marketing / Affiliate Marketing


The advantages of network marketing, leverage income are probably the only most important factor. To understand why, consider this... There are so many times every day. And in those short hours you must work to generate extra income, sleep, spend time with your family, loved ones or friends, and do a host of other tasks that require your attention. Let's focus on your work hours. Most of the people work eight-ten hours a day in a job/small business -- a job they don't even like. In return for their time given, Company pay fee as per spent at work. Some Company pay employees for units of a product produced.

Either way, if you are the in Job, your income is limited...

First: by the number of hours you can spent on your work, and

Second: by the number of units you can personally produce in the given time.

Now understand Network Marketing/Direct Selling.

Network marketing/Direct Selling companies pay their distributors/DSA/Associates for revenue made by other distributors/DSA/Associates. So by systematically increasing or learning the number of active distributors/DSA in your down line, you can simultaneously increase your pay-out. And...

You can do this without adding the hours you spent at work. You can actually reduce your working hours and can see your income going up and up.

And this is reason puts leverage top on the list of benefits of network marketing/direct selling.

2. Passive Residual Income

Network marketing/Direct Selling or MLM affords associates the opportunity to create an ever increasing passive residual income.

Note: Passive residual income is made possible by the leverage only. By leveraging on other people's effort, money and time, a large residual income is possible.

3. Low or NO Money Start-Up Costs

You can join any network marketing/direct selling business with low or no money.

Regardless of how much you are required to invest in as start-up capital; your income potential is still high as compared to other type of Start-ups.

Although I list ‘Low or NO Money Start Up Costs' as top advantage of network marketing/direct selling, be aware that even if the direct selling company you associate with does not require you to invest low amount or anything to start, you still need little money for your overheads i.e. Transportation, meetings, get together parties, advertising, telecommunication etc.

4. Tax

One of the not-so-obvious top benefits of network marketing/direct selling is tax efficiency.

When you associate a network marketing/direct selling company you start a business - your very own business / Start-up.

Possibly the biggest benefits of all is that as a business you are authorized to deduct your expenses from your income before calculating how much tax you have to file.

Know the difference. Businesses spend what they make income before filing taxes, while employees pay taxes before spending what they make money/earn.

In case you don't understand how this makes you at an advantage, as a business person your tax expense is not calculated on how much income you have make.

This is a huge tax benefit of starting your own business, and in our case, your own network marketing/direct selling start-up. Employees don't have this advantage.


A major and frustrating disadvantage of traditional/normal 10 to 6 (Ten to Six) job is that of lack of freedom -- Time Freedom.

In a 10 to 6 Job you sell your time for salary. You are not free or allowed to come as and when you even in emergency. Your employer decides when and what you shall work. The traditional businesses models are no different. While you enjoy the advantages of being your own boss, you have to work more than you would have you been an employee. You become a captive to your clients.

On the other side in Network marketing/Direct Selling just removes these barriers.

John Kalench says in his book, Being The Best You Can Be In MLM

"No other support system of which I am aware...
so completely honours the freedom and responsibility of each individual".

From your very first day in Network Marketing/Direct selling you are free and your own boss.

You decide with whom you want to work.

You decide when you want to work.

You decide where you work.

You design your working style: One-to-One, via email, over the phone, social media, remote system, in small group or large gatherings of associate/prospects. Every single aspect of your business can be designed by you. It's your choice because it's your own business."

Yes, with network marketing/direct selling you will have this freedom.


There is a quote in direct selling which says "you are in business for yourself, but not by yourself."

As soon as become company associate/DSA - your up-line/introducer. Serious up-line associate give you commitment to your success because without helping you they won’t succeed.

As you start building your own business, you start a team of your own - your down line as an associates. Your team will benefit from your personal support and those of your up-line. ."

7. Personal Development

Perhaps also at the top of the list of benefits of network marketing/direct selling is professional personal development. ."

In network marketing/direct selling you can learn such skills as public speaking, reading habits, discipline, mentoring, coaching, business consultants, how to relate with others etc. ."

I have noticed in my network marketing career that serious network marketers also grow spiritually regardless of their religion. ."

8. Training

You don’t need any selling skill or experience network marketing/direct selling. ."

While selling experience and business background may come in handy if you have them, everyone who associates is entitled to training system. The training may come from the MLM (Multi Level Marketing)/Network Marketing Company, top distributors or from your up-line. ."

Most of what I have experienced as Business Support Tool is essentially motivational talk by most success distributor or trainer. It focuses more on the 'Why' part of your business, ignoring the 'How'. ."