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I'm inviting you to join LiveGood which is the hottest, best, and most reliable company at the moment. Don't be left out


LIVEGOOD is an MLM company operating with an e-commerce, dropshipping, and affiliate marketing model. 

While Amazon uses only Affiliate Marketing and yet and helped their committed Affiliates make millions in dollars.

LiveGood uses both Affiliate and Network Marketing Models. LiveGood is a Florida, USA-based company dealing in 100% Organic Health Products.

It is the fastest-growing company in the world with over 4.5 lakh members from around the world.

LiveGood runs a Membership Club to sell products to their members at a very affordable rate.

At this time the products they have are health products but as time goes on they will add all sorts of products.

LiveGood has one powerline and anybody that joins is subsequently assigned a business center or a matrix. The club gives two options; you may choose to refer or you may choose not to refer. 

If you choose not to refer others to the club, the company says as you join the powerline and fall into a matrix, through the activities of your upline and grand Uplines other affiliates who they bring into the system after you will likely fall under your matrix and as many as are found under you becomes your downlines without you referring or even knowing them. No matter their number, you earn 25 cents on each of them every month. For this, the company calculated that one can earn up to $2000 monthly in this system without referring a single soul as time goes on and when the matrixes are completely filled up.

 It's not a get-rich-quick business but gradually, one will begin to earn massively in the business as a passive member. If you wish to be a passive member, get ready to pay for one year and be patient with the system for one year or more before you can earn significantly, if you commit $140 and after a year you make $300 every month, I will say it is worth it. But why would you want to be passive when you can earn $16,000 and more every month here.

For those who refer, the company pays $25 for every referral. The referral and indirect referral bonuses which go ten generations deep are paid weekly. The person also enjoys matching and matrix bonuses that go fifteen levels deep based on one's rank. These are paid monthly.

Registration is $50. $40 accounts for the activation fee while $10 accounts for the monthly maintenance fee. The $40 is a one-time payment but the $10 maintenance fee is paid every month and that is what qualifies one to continue to earn both matching and matrix bonuses every month. If you can do what many of us did, we paid for one year. You get a discount of $20 if you pay for one year so you pay  $140 for one year.

The company has powerful products that are supplements, good energizers, and muscle toners as well as those that help in weight loss and beauty products that are anti-aging and for flawless skin. Product purchase is by choice and not by force.

There's no PV or BV or points. No strong leg or weak leg. You can order through your back office and the company will deliver to your doorstep in your country. The business is giving people hope, now, and I wish we pay a little attention to it. If you desire to be part of the business, please click on the registration link below and sign up, You can Upgrade Later!

Remember to join LiveGood.

Why Choose LiveGood..?

1.   Best Priced Products in the history of online, networking nutritional products. 


3.  6 Ways to Earn... See that PAY PLAN - OMG!

4.  $$Weekly Fast Start Pay - YES (Multiple levels)

5.  RESIDUALS - YES (Multiple levels)

6.  Did I say GLOBAL? - Shipping Worldwide

7.  Global payment system

8.  Physical warehouse and office in Florida

9.  Owners are not hiding in the bushes. 

10.  Weekly conference  CALL to ACTION calls.

11.  3 WEBSITES for marketers

12.  Retail sales commissions - BOOM!

13.  Crazy commissions down multiple levels - MUST SEE

14.  Total support from the team - ME and many others.


16.  Influencer Bonuses

17.  Diamond Bonuses

18.  Best CONVERTING system around for marketers.

19.  Simple $40 one-time affiliate fee + $9.95 a month

20.  .33 cents a day to operate this 


22.  TURNKEY BIZ - Everything is ready for YOU

23.  BEST PRICES EVER on PRODUCTS - no $games!

24.  New Products being added consistently

25.  ShopLive Retail site

26.  New Powerline System

27.  Powerful videos create CONVERSIONS

28.  Mega Savings on "EVERYTHING PACK"

29. 100% International (oh yes I said that again) 

30. International Payment Solution payout

31.  100% Empty Bottle MoneyBack Guarantee. 

32.  Owners and management are WELL EXPERIENCED with a proven track HISTORY


34. No Over Priced Products

35. No Compulsory Products Purchases

36. No Bulk Buying for benefits


38. No ROI or Risky Investments

39. No PV/BV

40. No Binary

41. No Generation

42. No Matching

43. No Side Maintenance

44. No Compulsory Sponsoring for INCOME

45. No Experience or Special Skills required for Big INCOME

46.Earnings upto US$2,047.50(₹175,000) Monthly Even without Enrolling a Single Person

47. No Certificate is needed to succeed here.

48. Your background  or tribe is not a selection criteria

49. Your status (Single, Married, Divorce, Widow, Widower) doesn't matter.

50. You can be working somewhere and be building a million-dollar Business to change your life forever by using your phone as an office.

51. You don't need office space to build your business.

52. You don't need sales girls or sales boys to look after your business.

53. You don't need to fear if your shop is secure or not after closing period.

54. You don't need to pay security men to keep your business safe and secure.

55. We preach and practice love 💕 here, we don't fight because someone is doing the same business we are into, rather we invite more people to come and do this business. Unlike conventional street Business where people victimize themselves to survive.

It is what it is....🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏼‍♂️

It is a modern Multilevel Marketing System. It is LiveGood.

Let's Move And Grow Together ✈️✈️✈️

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