Earning Disclaimer

LiveGood Customers, Members, or Affiliates may participate in our compensation program as outlined on the Pay Plan page of the website. 

Commissions are paid as outlined on the Pay Plan page of the website. All Customers, Members, or Affiliates understand BEFORE become joining or purchasing any product that there are NO GUARANTEED EARNINGS. Customers, Members, or Affiliates understand that any and all content on the website is not to reflect earnings, but to be used only for demonstration purposes and as a representation of company growth and does not mean anything in terms of commissions. 

Customers, Members, or Affiliates should not participate in LiveGood under the expectation of earning income without referring new Customers, Members, or Affiliates and Customers. Neither LiveGood, nor its Customers, Members, or Affiliates can guarantee "spillover" or earnings simply by becoming a Customer, Member, or Affiliate. LiveGood Customers, Members, or Affiliates should not participate in LiveGood opportunities if they are not planning on sharing the products with others. 

Most Customers, Members, or Affiliates earn less money each month in the compensation program than they are paying for their products. Although it is possible, LiveGood Customers, Members, or Affiliates should NOT expect to make a profit simply by becoming a Customer, Member, or Affiliate as it is very possible that will not occur. 

LiveGood cannot guarantee that Customers, Members, or Affiliates earn a profit by implementing the training materials provided. The products are for educational purposes only. 

No Customer, Member, or Affiliate should spend money that they cannot afford to lose to purchase products, advertising materials, or anything else related to LiveGood. It is possible that you will NOT earn any income as a Customer, Member, or Affiliate of LiveGood.

 A. Earnings. Commissions are paid to Customers, Members, or Affiliates who qualify pursuant to the Compensation Plan and who are in compliance with the Contract. A Customer, Member, or Affiliate’s success is only achieved through the regular and repeated purchase of products and the regular and repeated product sales by its Downline Organization. As the success of any Customer, Member, or Affiliate depends largely on the personal efforts of that Customer, Member, or Affiliate, the Company does not guarantee any level of profit or success, nor does it guarantee a Customer, Member, or Affiliate a specific income. A Customer, Member, or Affiliate does not receive compensation for sponsoring or recruiting other Customers, Members, or Affiliates. The only way to earn Commissions is through the sale of Products. 

B. Payment. The Company will pay Commissions to qualified Affiliates on Product orders and Memberships which: (i) are received by the Company before the end of the Commission period, and (ii) have been fully paid with appropriate payment. 

1. Commissions are paid in the name of the Person or Business Entity listed in Payment Option link on the My Earnings section of the website. When no payment option is selected, commissions will be held until selected. 

C. Commission Payments. In the event that a Commission payment does not arrive to an Affiliate and has been returned to the company, the company will resend the commission at no additional charge.

 D. Minimum Payment Amount. Affiliates will select how they choose to get paid on the Payment Options page of the website. The minimum amount for payment of commission payments is ten dollars ($10 USD). Commissions less than the minimum for a pay period will accumulate until they equal or exceed the minimum payment amount. 

E. Returned or Unpaid Payments. The Company makes every effort to ensure that an Affiliate receives its commission payments. However, if a commission payment is unpaid due to insufficient information or other reasons beyond the control of the Company, the payment will be held for the benefit of the Customer, Member, or Affiliate for 90 days. After such 90 days, a monthly maintenance charge of ten dollars ($10 USD or equivalent local currency) will be deducted from the Affiliate’s payment.

 F. No Manipulation. Manipulation of the Compensation Plan is not permitted and may result in disciplinary action. Manipulation of the Compensation Plan includes, but is not limited to, an Affiliate purchasing, to qualify for various Ranks or Commissions, large quantities of Product that are not sold through the direct marketing channel, placing orders in his/her Downline Organization, and any other actions that may violate state, federal or foreign anti-pyramid scheme laws. Such manipulations may, in the discretion of the Company, result in the suspension of Commissions and termination of the Affiliate.

 G. Deductions and Offsets. Affiliates authorize the Company to deduct fees from its Commissions as outlined on the Payment Option page and/or as deemed appropriate at the sole discretion of the Company.