About Company


LiveGood is a company that was created in 2022 in the US and has become a true global phenomenon. Operating in the health and wellness segment, LiveGood is able to offer high-quality products for up to 80% off compared to its main competitors.

In addition to the incredible savings you can get with LiveGood products, you’ll also have access to the best Compensation Plan on the market.

With LiveGood, you can earn commissions of up to $2047 per month even without making referrals. That’s right, even without making referrals you can still earn up to $2,047 per month.

As for those who recommend LiveGood to their friends and build a team, the earnings are considerably higher.

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What if you could pay, on average, 75% less for your health products and supplements?

And what if those products were of the highest quality available?

LiveGood is a Nutrition Buyers Club. Members get the best prices. Non-members get the next best prices, but still incredible savings.

And for the icing on the cake, there is a back-end affiliate program called "Earn by Sharing". For those who want to share with their friends and family to help pay for their own products. (or a substantial income on its own)

Think about some of the other membership shopping clubs out there. Two of the most popular that come to mind are Costco and Sam's Club. You might be familiar with those clubs and how they work.

But this is how LiveGood differs from ALL the other membership shopping clubs out there:

  1. 1
    Deeper discounts
  2. 2
    Specializes in high-quality health products only
  3. 3
    Offers an affiliate program for those who want to "earn by sharing"