Eight Ways to Build a Winning Team


To build a successful team, you’ll need to encourage a strong sense of camaraderie, respect, and trust among your employees. You’ll also need to set up a working environment that promotes communication, cooperation, and innovation.
So how do you do that? Here are eight ways to build a winning team.

Share your vision

Share the long-term goals you have for your business with your team. Let them know what your vision is and what your plans are to turn this vision into reality. Explain to them where your business is headed in the coming months and where you see it going in the next few years. Once you’ve shown your team the big picture, it’s time to zero in on the details. Help your employees understand how their roles contribute to your vision and how they fit into your plans.

Set team goals

Create shared objectives as a team that tie in to your business goals. This helps your team know what they’re working toward, what their priorities are, and how to make decisions that align with the team’s shared objectives. These objectives also give your team a shared purpose, one that strengthens a sense of “us” instead of “them and me.”

Define clear roles and responsibilities

Make sure your team understands how their roles work together. Each team member’s responsibilities are connected, and these dependencies are crucial to the team’s success. For example, a person delivering late or failing to do something that’s part of their job can cause conflicts and misunderstandings. To prevent this, discuss with your team how their roles are related and how each team member relies on the others for the entire team to do well.

Build relationships with your team

Spend some time learning more about each member of your team – their skills, their strengths and weaknesses, their likes and dislikes. Once you understand them better, you’ll know how to motivate them. You can match their skills to certain tasks and know which problems they can solve best. Get to know your team outside of the workplace too. Ask them about their hobbies and interests. It’s a personal touch that shows your team members that you care.

Show your team members that you value them

Recognize your team’s efforts and reward them. Celebrate their successes – go out for a team lunch, give them a gift card or voucher for their favorite take-out place, or feature them on your business website and social media accounts. Whatever it is, be genuine in showing your appreciation. Another way to motivate your team and keep them happy is to offer perks. This can be bonuses for excellent performance, new equipment or a cool new uniform, or even shouldering the cost of training to improve their skills.

Embrace diversity

Each team member is different and that can be a strength. Contrasting points of view help you find the best solution, so be open to different ideas and ways of approaching things. By embracing your team’s differences, you’re fostering creativity and innovation.

Be a good leader

An effective team needs an effective leader. Be firm yet approachable, fair and true to your word, and treat each of your team members with respect. Leading a team may be new to you, so invest in yourself by taking training courses on leading and managing. It’s a constant learning experience, and you’ll discover techniques that will work for you along the way.

Do fun team-building activities

Doing activities together can help create common experiences as a team and form good working relationships. These activities build trust, improve communication, and help your team work more effectively. Check your budget and see what you can afford. Team-building activities can be as simple as going out for drinks after work on a Friday night, or maybe even monthly game nights, movie nights, or quiz nights. Put some effort into it and don’t forget to relax, unwind, and enjoy.