The Most Powerful System in The Industry

 All about Livegood πŸ‘‡

 LiveGood is not an online investment site but a real American company selling physical products (food supplements)

 LiveGood is nothing but a network marketing company.  But unlike any company we've seen, it has a compensation plan that's out of the ordinary.  Even without consuming or recommending products, we already win at the level of affiliation.

 In addition, LiveGood is accessible and affordable:
 - $40 to become an affiliate
 - $10 as a monthly account maintenance fee.
 That's a total of $50 or €49.5 to become a member.

 Whoever has the means can pay the annual subscription + affiliation fees at 140$ (137€)

 But behind it, the plan is simple:

 1. For anyone you affiliate with your link, you get paid $25 the following week (every Thursday).  You sponsor two people, you receive $50 and already withdraw your initial investment.  And you rank up to receive bonuses on the second level.  If you sponsor 10 people in the week, you receive $250 per week.

 2. And what is unique, even if you do not sponsor, you will be paid from the 3rd month every first Thursday of the month, according to the overflows in your network.  I will share a video for you to understand this part.  Every month without sponsoring you can earn in the medium and long term up to $2047 per month without even recruiting a single person.  You just need to be up to date with your account maintenance fees each month.

 3. You receive every first Thursday of the month from the third month half of what each of your referrals receives in the bonus 2. For example, you sponsored X. You received $25 thanks to this sponsorship.  And X sponsored Y. X also received $25 and you received $5 again.  So the more you refer directly, the more you earn.  In the matching bonus, you earn 50% of the matrix bonus of what your referrals earn.

 4. As soon as you are a member, you are entitled to an online store in which all LiveGood products can be found.  As a member, you buy them with reductions and you have the possibility of selling some if you want to earn twice on the products.

 5. The more your team grows, the more you rise in rank and gain more depth.  You can receive a portion of the company's 2% revenue each month if you become Diamond, the highest rank currently.  You are neither required to pay for products to keep your ranks nor to sell products to evolve in the career plan.

 6. As soon as you are a member, you can buy products at any time without necessarily going through your sponsor.  Everything is transparent.  You go to the site and you place your order as we do on Jumia or Alibaba or Amazon.  You pay for the order with a prepaid Visa card or cryptocurrency.

 You also have the option of using your commissions to pay for products or to activate new member accounts.

 7. Withdrawals are automatic.  Every Thursday, if you are expecting a commission, you don't even need to make a withdrawal request.  The company transfers your commission to your cryptocurrency wallet or internal credit wallet.  You decide on the payment option.  If you decide to make the transfer to the credit wallet, you have the possibility of taking your commissions to activate new accounts and recover the money from their last ones.

 Now is the time to position yourself.

Unranked members get 12 levels of matrix pay. I never ever promote or recommend joining an opportunity to do nothing but people do try. 

The reason most people quit a business is they quit too soon because they see no earnings and are stuck spending money on an auto-ship. 

Here a new person gets 12 levels of the base matrix with no sponsoring. They have no auto ships and can order amazing products at wholesale as a member. Guess what happens when these people see some income doing nothing...they go bronze to earn more. Guess what happens when people are not forced to order? They order more. It's actually amazing to watch! 

This is just one of the things that makes LG different. Can a person earn $2,000.00 a month without sponsoring? Absolutely and I can prove it! 

Do I recommend joining to do nothing??? Absolutely NOT because if joining an opportunity to cap out at 2000 a month is no money! 

Imagine matching everyone on your team's Matrix unlimited generations deep! NOT LEVELS but GENERATIONS!!!!


 There is a FAST way to build and a SLOW way to build. The SLOW way is to simply sit back and wait for spillover. Depending on how fast the people above you in the matrix are building, it might take a few weeks to see any spillover, possibly a few months. And that's ok. Even one person who gets placed below you in the matrix who goes to work could be earning you hundreds Or thousands of dollars a month in residual income for years and years to come. So be patient. 

 if you want to build the FAST way and make a LOT more money by building your matrix faster AND capitalizing on our HUGE matching bonuses, enroll a few people! Just enrolling/recruiting 2 people literally triples your income potential, gets you to our Bronze rank, and gives you a huge head start to maximizing the compensation plan.  
When you are recruiting, your matrix will fill faster.
Some are earning over $50,000 weekly because of the team they have built. It's possible to earn millions of dollars every month if you build a team by recruiting as many people as possible.


1. You will instantly receive 50% of the signup fee. For the 2 referrals, LiveGood will pay you $50 the next Thursday.

2. You will move to the Bronze Rank. 

3. Your LiveGood POTENTIAL  monthly matrix income will move from $2047 to $4095.

4. You will be getting paid 50% extra matching bonus on the matrix income of the referral.
If the two referrals are unranked, that means you will have the potential to earn extra $2047 in addition to your potential $4095. 
That's a total of $6142 every month, forever.

If the two referrals are bronze rank, that means you will be getting an additional potential monthly income of  $4095.
This means you will be earning $8191 monthly for life.

If the two referrals are in Gold rank, your potential monthly income will be $12,287

5. You will also qualify to be getting paid 10% of the registration fee of everyone in your Level 2 downlines.

Monthly income is paid the second month after Joining LiveGood. 
Monthly income is calculated according to the number of affiliates in your matrix who paid their membership fee for the previous month.
It's calculated by multiplying $0.25 by the number of affiliates in your matrix.

You don't immediately start earning $2047 from the second month. The earnings usually start little and increase steadily until your matrix is completely filled.
Even if it takes 6 months a year or even 2 years for your matrix to get filled, that's a lot of achievements.

Remember, you don't wait for the matrix to be filled before getting paid.
If it's 50 affiliates that are in your matrix who paid their membership fee for the previous month, the company will pay you $0.25 multiplied by 50. That is $12.5 for that month.

If your matrix has 700 affiliates, that means you are getting paid $0.25×700 = $175 for that month.

Remember, your matrix monthly income keeps increasing every month.

My dear, this is the best Network Company

In LiveGood, you have the option to earn FAST by recruiting and building a Team or the option of earning gradually by simply Positioning yourself and being faithful in paying your monthly membership fee of $10 without referring. 

When you don't refer anyone, your maximum earning per month is $2047.

Those who refer and build Teams can earn millions of dollars every month.

The Truth is mostly bitter to most people.

LiveGood matrix system is a long-term income-generating system.🀞

Sadly only the "Few Majority" Understand this concept and grab it.

Just like how BTC was born and many didn't get the concept and by the TIME it began to yield, the same Very people rushed like lightning to login into their accounts and unfortunately, 99 percent of such people to this day, cannot buy 1 BTC.🀭

The BIG question is: 
When the new opportunity was presented to you at $0.10 per coin, YOU FAILED to grab it
How possible do you think you can buy it when it is now $30k per coin🀣

LIVEGOOD is before us $140 a year.
Or $51 then a $10 monthly membership
You have the right to ignore or leave the group. 

NOBODY will beg or force you.

But the naked Truth is most of these same people will rush back at the ripe time. 🀭

Every month end, the LiveGood matrix compresses and the weak or unserious gets flushed out. Then you begin seeing spillovers.


Most members that joined LiveGood in January began SEEING spillovers mostly from March/ April. This means 3 to 4 months of endurance.

After version 2.0 and subsequent matrix compressions, the matrix now goes to more serious members than 5 to six months.


Logically, when the LiveGood matrix swells to 1M active membership, the probability of the matrix GETTING filled faster will occur ✔️

Then the same very people will be rushing to fetch in the harvest but I can assure SUCH people that, THEY WILL HAVE TO RENEW THEIR MEMBERSHIP AND RESUME FROM THE START🀭

LiveGood Matrix doesn't care whether you are black or white or where you're linked into the chain. ✍️

That time of OLD LIVEGOOD ACCOUNTS becoming a gold mine will occur πŸ‘Œ

Stop complaining about the LiveGood matrix not filling fast for you when you don't want to Recruit.
Be focused and water the seed you planted.

I personally have 9 LiveGood accounts and it's s Strategic 3 years project.

I know in 1 year's time,
All these accounts will begin to fetch in Monthly Money. 😎

It's a fact, the US dollar or BTC will always be ahead of your local currency 😜

 NOBODY is begging or forcing anybody✔️

Always remember the long-term systems.
What $140 can buy you to water or eat now WILL never be the same value after 1 Year. 1 year from now, you WILL NEED $200 To buy the same items to wear or consume. Your government doesn't give a damn, if you don't pay, your utility bills, etc will be disconnected.

Just like 1 year ago it happened and it will continue..

It's time you wake up and plan.

Let me say this... Network marketing is all about your skills and focus

Pay attention to the method you're using to recruiting 

Pay attention to yourself how do you brand yourself

Pay attention to your level of confidence in what you're promoting

Finally, I didn't wait for spillover when I joined LIVEGOOD, my upline didn't push me to promote the business, I wasn't encouraged by anyone to run with LIVEGOOD I trusted and believe in what they said, I didn't ask for proof of payment before I start promoting live good

I same day I came across LIVEGOOD, I visited YouTube and other social media for information that's after I registered with 50 USD the same day.

Treat your network marketing business as your salary job, You're afraid of your boss that's why you don't joke with your salary job, likewise handle your side hustle professionally.

Pls don't join LIVEGOOD and wait for spillover, hustle there's financial freedom here.

If you promote on Facebook, you have to recheck the profile pictures and the Posts you normally post on your Facebook wall and change it... Before someone join your business via FB they first check your profile pic.

Always check out the way you promote your business.

You promote today and tomorrow you're quiet, How do you want to grow  or expect people to take your serious

You will always attract your type.. what you give is what you receive 

In network marketing don't give up easily if you must win, just know you're dealing with people

Always back up your hustle with prayers πŸ™ If you understand the power of praying, if evil men can sacrifice for greatness and power why must you sit down and expect magic to happen.

Nothing is for free my people
Go and pay your price if you want to level up in life

Complaining and Pity party can't put food on your table

Wake up and hustle... Everything you need to succeed is inside of you.